We are promoters of contemporary art. Both painting and sculpture, graphics and photography are the subjects of our interest and passion.

Krystyna Zbylut

Stefan Gierowski i Krystyna Zbylut Warszawa

Krystyna Zbylut has 20 years of experience in organizing artistic events, auctions and all kinds of activities related to the functioning of the art world. She organized several dozen vernissages. In addition, she is the author of open-air painting (eg the plein-air of ‘Rajska Jabłoń’). In 2017, she organized a charity auction “Let Ewa live in paradise”.
In the photo in the company of professor Stefan Gierowski

We support artists in their presence on the art market and help them reach their audience. We advise collectors on the directions of their search.

Bogusław Żurek

Bogusław Żurek, a computer scientist, is a patron of the arts and curator of the “ART & MORE” exhibition, which is located in the “ZbylutGaleria” of the Klif Fashion House. He collaborates with several artists, including Rafał Olbiński, Józef Wilkoń, Bogusław Lustyk, Monika Krzakiewicz, Jolanta Caban and Jan Szul.

On a daily basis, he also deals with the issues of cyber-security and Big Data / Data Science.

In the photo B Żurek with Józef Wilkoń

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