Józef Wilkoń

Józef Wilkoń is an illustrator, painter and sculptor. His output consists of nearly 200 books for children and adults. The publications he illustrated have been translated into over 20 languages.

He collaborated with, among others, our Bookstore, Reader, Literary Publishing, National Publishing Agency, Flammarion (Paris), Middelhauve Verlag (Cologne), Loeves Verlag (Bayruth), Kinderbuchverlag (Berlin), Parabel Verlag (Munich), Atlantis Verlag (Zurich) and Greek Peace Publishers (Tokyo).

  • 1947-1949 he attended the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Krakow.
  • 1950 – began painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of prof. professor Adam Marczyński (he received his diploma in 1955). At the same time, he studied art history at the Jagiellonian University,
  • 1954 – obtained a master’s degree in art history.

Józef Wilkoń is an extraordinary artist who, like no other, is inspired by the world of animals and plants in his work. – He sees in himself what is in the name. Some wolf and some horse.

 Agata Napiórska, author of the book “Happy cases of Józef Wilkoń”

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