Kiejstut Bereźnicki

„Summoning the figures of ancestors is not only extending their existence, but also a constant conversation with them. While painting these pictures, I also return to some personal threads, to women from my own family who were part of my life”

(Kiejstut Bereźnicki in the book by Kama Zboralska “101 Polish Contemporary Artists)

Kiestut Bereźnicki was born in 1935 in Poznań. He studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now the Academy of Fine Arts) in Gdańsk; diploma in the studio of Stanisław Teisseyre (1958). For many years he worked at his alma mater – initially as an assistant to his supervisor, then Jacek Żuławski, and from 1982 he ran the Painting Studio. He was a lecturer at the European Academy of Art in Warsaw. He was awarded the title of associate professor in 1984, and full professor in 1994. He has had a number of individual exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. His works are in many collections, incl. National Museums in Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków and Wrocław, Zachęta in Warsaw, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Städtische Kunstgalerie in Bochum, Muzej na Sovremena Umetnost in Skopje and in private collections. Winner of numerous awards, including them. Piotr Potworowski.

“And when it comes to questions about the meaning of life, existential considerations, if they are, then in every picture, regardless of the topic. They are in the time that is contained in the matter of the painting. There is all human poverty hidden there, the riddle of life for which there is no simple answer or solution. We will always be doomed to the human world and all the limitations that come with it. This is where we must look for meaning, order and wealth “

Kiejstut Bereźnicki wypowiedź w “Zachęcie”


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