Leszek Żegalski

From the 1980s until today, he works on tarpaulins, while when it comes to the content of his work, a large part of it is made up of women. The author explores old techniques, experiments, and draws inspiration from former masters of painting. His frescoes adorn the palaces of aristocrats and industrialists in Italy, France and Spain.

Leszek Żegalski was born in 1959. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Together with Janusz Szpyt and Piotr Naliwajko, they founded the informal artistic group Tercet Bloated That is Quite New Wild Normal Dadaists (1983-1989). Member of the Union of Realist Painters Künstlersonderbund in Deutschland – Realismus der Gegenwart and the Apelles Group. Paintings in the collections of famous German and Swiss collectors. He painted for the Dutch Queen Beatrix. Laureate of, among others Grand Prix of the National Exhibition of Young Artists Arsenal ’88. He practices easel and plafond painting and frescoes.

“He is the guy who wakes us up from anesthesia, after a drunk night, from a sweet dream; from romantic and holy self-knowledge, from national megalomania, from distorted history and even more hypocritical – today. He is the Illusion Awakening Diagnostician, but he does it without further ado, even in a rude manner, sometimes he “bangs the face” – precisely in order to wake up, make the awakened person aware of who he is, where and in what situation he is, what we, God Merciful, we hate it so much, because we prefer to live our imaginary and mystified magnificence above all else. “

Jerzy Duda-Gracz

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